Thursday, April 15, 2021

Heritage is Here!

 My Heritage shipment has arrived.  If you don't like Heritage, I'll see you next week because that's all you're going to see here over the next several days.  We start today with the base set.

I was 10½ years old during the summer of 1972.  I have a pretty clear memory of buying my first pack of '72 cards and not liking them at all.  The design was too funky for me.  It ended up being the set I bought the least during the decade.

Over time the 1972 set has grown on me.  Today it is one of my favorites.  I've come to appreciate the funkiness.  









There are sixteen Cubs cards with the base design.  Of the sixteen, seven are no longer with the team.  That's a lot of turnover!

There is also one huge Cubs player missing from the set, Kris Bryant.  How on earth does Topps give a card to Jeremy Jeffress, Jason Kipnis, and Steven Souza, but not Kris Bryant??

Like the '72 set, Heritage has several subsets and most include Cubs.



The In Action cards were a novelty in 1972.  Topps did make an unnecessary addition to the Heritage version.  The team name, in very small letters below the player's name, was not on the originals.

No Cubs players were in the 1972 Boyhood Photos of the Stars so its nice to see one included in Heritage.  Using Hoerner does bring up a question however.  If he is star enough to be in the subset, whey does he not have a base-design card?

The dearly departed Yu Darvish is on two of the leader cards.

Tyson Miller is the lone Cubs player on a rookie card.


  1. I think Topps after 20 years - rethought the checklist - there are a lot of stars left out = they will be in the high series (i hope)

  2. Yep, you know Topps. KB will probably have at least one in the HIGH series.

  3. Perhaps Topps was counting Bryant being traded this offseason. But, yeah, there are a fair amount of star players that seem to be reserved for high numbers.

  4. Is putting stars in the high number set a new thing? I don't recall it happening in previous years.

  5. Wouldn't you know it? The first player I see in my hobby box of 2021 Topps Heritage is a Cub (an over-sized box topper card of Willson Contreras).

  6. I recall that in 1972, the Cubs cards were a magenta color. Did Topps forget?