Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Cubs Variation That Should Have Been In Heritage

 Topps has thrown variation in Heritage for years.  Typically they use errors from the original Topps set and put them into Heritage.

I've written many times about the Darwin Barney variation card in the 2012 set.  The variation mimics the original 1964 Ken Hubbs card that didn't show a position.


This is the Cubs variation in the 1972 Topps set.  The variation card is on the left.  Notice how the bottoms of the C and S are green instead of yellow.  


The same thing happened on three other Cubs cards.  All four of these are from the first series.  They are the only Cubs in the first series.  Topps must have caught the mistake and fixed it because the mistake shows up only on some, not all of these four.  Also, none of the Cubs in the other series have the same mistake.

I thought it would have been nice to see four Cubs in Heritage with the same extra green variation.  Topps disagreed and instead went with gimmicks that weren't in the 1972 set, things like missing stars, throwback uniforms, action images, team color swap, and nicknames.

I did what Topps didn't and made green C and S cards for a second baseman, starting pitcher, reliever, and utility outfielder.



These rare versions are all 1/1s!

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