Thursday, April 22, 2021

More Stickers That Led to Another Rabbit Hole

 I have a binder filled with Cubs stickers and stamps.  Sets inside include Grenada and St. Vincent Stamps, Eureka, Fleer Stamps, Fleer Stickers, Red Foley, Panini, Pro Stamps, Publications International, Topps stamps and Topps stickers.

Recently I happened upon a yet-unseen-to-me set of sticker stamps.  It was a simple set of just two Cubs, but it sent me down a crazy rabbit hole that led me to gold cards, colorized coins, and two different sets of cards.

This is what sent me down the hole, a simple sticker stamp set from 2003 put out by the Merrick Mint.

I thought it was odd that a mint company was putting out stickers.  I associate mint with coins.  Little did I know.

I bought the entire package as it was cheaper than getting the individual Cubs I could find.  Inside the package was a sheet with nine cards that needed to be punched out.  A second sheet had sticker stamps that get affixed to the cards.

Punch, stick, and voila!

But as I was shopping around for the Cubs cards and stickers, I found Merrick Mint has several baseball products from the mid 2000s.  Some are listed on the Trading Card Database, but it seems that some of their checklists are incomplete and checklists for other Merrick Mint products are missing.  The Standard Catalogue wasn't much help, either.

I'll show the other Merrick items over the next several days.