Wednesday, April 14, 2021

My First 2021 Heritage Cards are Mostly Non-Cubs

 My Heritage order from Brentandbecca should be arriving soon, but there were a few non-Cubs cards I needed to get and I picked them up via Sportlots.  They have already arrived.



They are all In Action cards and five of the six players are on other teams.  So why, you ask, did this Cub collector buy five non-Cubs?

The answer is very simple.

Flip the cards over...

... and behold this fantastic poster puzzle of Ron Santo!  The cards are Cubs cards, when you look at the reverse side.  And this is how they will be stored in my binder, beautifully backwards.


  1. Topps did a good job with Heritage this year. The puzzles are a nice treat.

  2. I'm so glad 2021 Heritage brought back puzzle-backs. I liked 'em back in '72 and I still like 'em now. Nice post!