Monday, April 12, 2021

Covid Messed Up the Cubs Scorecard....

...and killed a couple of other Cubs things too.

I had a shopping list of three things to pick up while I was at Wrigley Field last Wednesday, a scorecard, pocket schedule, and media guide.  I have a large collection of all three of those items and was looking forward to add the 2021 versions.

Covid has ruined my plans.

The Cubs do not have a pocket schedule for the 2021 season.  The lady at the ticket counter told me they didn't have one because of Covid.  At least that what I thought she said.  She was behind a thick plexiglass window, wearing a mask in a noisy concourse, so it was hard to hear her.  But that's what it sounded like to me.

My hunt for a media guide came up empty.  There were none for sale at the team store or at any kiosks in the main concourse.  I haven't seen one listed on Ebay either.  Another Covid casualty I assume.

The only thing on my list I could find was the scorecard.  And while Covid didn't kill the scorecard, it did mess it up.

The cover isn't too bad looking, with a 1920's vibe.  And the price was cheap too, just a dollar.  But there is a reason for the bargain, and it isn't good.

This is the back.  Talk about plain-looking!  But it gets worse.  Take a look at the inside.

That is about as bare-boned as you can get.  No player rosters, no opponent listed, no ads, no nothing.  It's generic enough that the same card can be sold at any of the 81 home games.  They can just keep cranking out the same version throughout the entire season.

I sure hope that this is a Covid-related issue and not the plan for future seasons.


  1. Bummer about the scorecard but yeah, it's gotta be Covid. There may be hope for the other 2 though.

  2. No surprise about pocket skeds, they were on the way out before COVID due to all info being on-line and lack of sponsors.

    Scorecards though should still be available, but maybe, lack of staff to do the write-ups are why they are so bare bones

  3. I do like the cover -- especially the addition of the stars from the city flag. But I think my son's little league score book is more interesting on the inside.