Wednesday, August 17, 2022

1933 Cubs Scorecard

 I picked up another Cubs scorecard from the 1930s, this one from 1933.  The card is as old as my dad, so that means its not very old at all, right dad?

The card is unscored, so I don't know the date of the game.  Based on the players on the rosters, though, I can say that this was from a series held at Wrigley September 9-12.

With this addition, my scorecard collection now runs from 1932 thought 2022... ninety years worth of scorecards!

I took a little time to do some digital cleanup, trying to make the card look the way it did when sold 89 years ago.


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  2. Love the Green River soda! That's right these were the first beer ads since 1919!!