Saturday, August 6, 2022

Sixties Saturday - 1961 Topps

The 1961 Topps set is special to me for two reasons.  My very first baseball cards were from the 1961 set, given to me by a cousin when I was six or seven.  1961 is also my birth year, so the cards are as old as me.

 There are 31 Cubs cards in the 1961 set.  Four of the players ended up enshrined in Cooperstown.  The team won just 64 games.  

















  1. One of the great team sets of all time

    Hall of Famers and Zimmer, Drabowsky, Frank Thomas, Sauer.

    I wonder if 1961 Topps was truly the Zenith of the Topps Baseball Sets

  2. The Bertell card is awesome, the Curtis not so much. Plus college baseball HoF member and nice guy Kindall!