Wednesday, August 10, 2022

A Great Billy Williams Card from Reader Mike


This nice Billy Williams card came recently, compliments of reader Mike.  He wrote me a nice email thanking me for the blog and it's help with his Ryne Sandberg collection.  He mentioned that he picked up both the Sandberg and Billy Williams card from this set and offered me the Billy.  I gratefully accepted and he sent it to me.

It comes from a 1987 set, which is a pretty rare set and its not listed in the Standard Catalog.  The digging I've done on  the set says the cards, measuring 3½" x 5½", were used by the Cubs to send to fans that wrote in to the players for autographs.  If that is the case, then putting together the full set of 38 cards would be a very difficult.  

Add to that the fact that the set includes a card of an unheralded rookie named Greg Maddux and you've got a very expensive set to chase.

I'm not going for the set and and very happy to have the Billy Williams card for the player collection.

Thanks again, Mike!

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  1. And I bet the majority of these are autographed - so not as many clean copies maybe? The two I have (Sutcliffe and Trillo) are both autographed. I also have a Sutcliffe with a different picture and the Old Style logo replacing the Cannon logo. Not sure what year that is from. But same kind of thing. And it is autographed.