Friday, March 29, 2013

2013 Topps Stickers Cubs

The Topps Stickers seem to be flying under the radar.  With Heritage and Opening Day just out, and Gypsy Queen coming soon, the stickers seem to be forgotten.

After a ten year run from 1981 - 1990, the stickers were put to rest for 21 years.  They came back in 2011, making this year's set the third of the recent reincarnation.

There are nine Cubs on the 315 sticker checklist, plus the team logo.

Something new this year is the inclusion of a team legend...a retired player.  Topps didn't stray too far from the usual by including...

....Ernie Banks as the Cubs' legend.  Topps does get some extra credit by using an older version of the team logo on the sticker, a version used by the Cubs in the '60s and '70s.

The other eight stickers feature current players with the current logo...



The only thing I don't like is that the pictures all seem to be washed out.  They seem faded, not sharp.  The previous two years had nice sharp pictures.  Don't know why they went to the faded look.

Finally, there is the team logo card.  These are always shared with another team.  Over the past two years, the Cubs shared with...


...the Padres  and Phillies.  This year, though, Topps made a bad choice, by putting the Cubs on the same sticker as...

...the White Sox.  Boo!  Now my binder is contaminated!


  1. Like the flagship Barney, that Marmol looks

    1. Did Topps get permission from you for that??!!

  2. I was thinking of buying the Yankees set. What do you store the stickers in? Usual 9 pocket pages?

    1. BCW has 12 pocket sheets made for stickers--I keep mine in them.