Friday, March 22, 2013

Senor Barney

Bear with me while I add one more Heritage post, though it's more for the player collection.

One 2013 Heritage insert set I didn't talk about yet is the Venezuelan set.  These cards mimic the 1964 set that Topps released in Venezuela.  Though the front were identical, the backs were black instead of orange.  The cards also lacked the scratch off option--the answers to the trivia questions were shown plain as day.  Of course, if you lived in Venezuela  you spoke Spanish instead of English and couldn't read the question or the answer!

The Heritage version is unnumbered, but according to casebuster Brentandbecca, the run on these, based on what he pulled, is 64 cards per player.  That would make these pretty rare.

I wasn't going to go after an entire Cubs team set of /64 cards; that would be a little to extravagant for me.  But I did go after the Darwin Barney card for my player collection and here is...

...the front and...

...the back.  I think a got a pretty good bargain on a /64 card since is set me back only $6.50.  Remember that last years Barney SSP has sold 30 copies on Ebay over the past year at an average of nearly $100.  Do you suppose that there are at least 34 more of these that weren't listed on Ebay?  I do.  That would mean matching the run of the Venezuelan cards, but not the price.

At this point, only five of these have been sold on Ebay, at an average price of $4.19.  What a bargain!  After the same amount of time last year, the Barney SSP had four sales at an average price of $103.

If you are a player collector, I suggest you snag your player now while these are still available and still cheap.

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