Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Different Heritage 2012 Super Short Print

It's possible that you're tired of reading about the 2012 Heritage Darwin Barney super short print card.  I'll spare you from much more about it today.  Instead, I've got another of the SSPs from last year's Heritage.

I must confess, though, that the inspiration came from the Barney card.  Seeing how much the price fell on the last two Barney SSPs that sold got me thinking about some of the other SSPs in the set.

The Cubs have players on four of them, but I never really thought about getting them for my team set since they were so expensive.  But if the Barney card was dropping in price, maybe the others were too.

I found an auction for the Kerry Wood variation card.  It is based on the mistake Topps made in 1963 card of Don Landrum...

...which actually has a picture of Ron Santo instead of Landrum.  The auction for the Wood card started at a fairly low price for one of these.  I watched it the entire time and had my snipper set.  As it turns out, I was the only bidder and won the card for the opening price.

You can see that Topps did put a picture of a third baseman on the card, but since the Cubs let Ramirez leave, he's shown as a Brewer.  Now I know that I've been plenty rough on Topps for some of the dumb mistakes they've made, but even Topps would know better than to put a Brewer picture on a Cubs card.  So for me, the whole concept got blown when Ramirez became a Brewer.

Topps also got away from the original with the insert picture.  On the original Landrum card, it is Landrum, not Santo, in the insert.  But on the Heritage card, it's Ramirez again.  They should have...

....put a picture of Kerry Wood in the insert.

Another way Topps got away from the original is by using Kerry Wood's card for the picture swap in the first place.  Wood is a pitcher, Landrum was an outfielder.

To stay absolutely true to the original, Topps should have used the card of a Cubs outfielder and swapped in the picture of a Cubs third baseman...

....something like this, Blake Dewitt, third baseman, put on the card of Alfonso Soriano, outfielder.  Of course, they don't look too much alike, but this is Topps we're talking about here!

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