Thursday, March 14, 2013

The 2013 Cubs Schedule

A few weeks ago I emailed the Cubs requesting a few 2013 schedules.  Last Saturday an envelope with a Cubs logo on the front arrived and inside were a few of these...

....the 2013 pocket schedule.  I've got a binder full of schedules, going back to 1961, so with this I've now got 53 seasons worth of schedules.

The biggest thing I noticed about this year's cover is what's missing.

A face.

Most of the recent seasons saw a player of players on the front.

Last year's had manager Dale Sveum.

But this year its just a uniform logo.  I guess this is more evidence of a team in serious rebuilding mode---no player is either good enough or untouchable to be put on the front of the schedule.

If next year's is going to be without any players, I hope is has some extra writing on it like this one....'s March--I can dream, can't I??


  1. That's cool. I've been wanting to collect Cubs schedules, but I can't get them in my area. I didn't know you can email them about that. I may have to send them an email. Is it just on

  2. This is what I used:

  3. That's their email? Then do you just ask to receive a fan pack? I just looked that up and it said to mail them a postcard for a fan pack? Thanks for the help!

  4. I emailed that address and asked for a couple schedules...they came about three weeks later. The fanpack has a bunch of other things, so I think they want a postcard to show that your're serious about it.

  5. Alright cool. Maybe I will do both. The fanpack sounds pretty cool too. Have you ever gotten one of those?

  6. I always tought it was a bad sign when they put the manager on the schedule Is it worse when it's just the logo? BTW a postcard to Wrigley has always brought me a small but personal fan pack. Last year they included a Ron Santo giveaway card in mine.

  7. Very nice schedule. I just started collecting Yankees schedules. My hope to to get all the years from 1970 to present day then work backwards from there.

    Would love to see a post showcasing your schedule collection.