Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eagle-Eyes Quest #2---Relics

Thanks to you eagle-eyed readers, my list of certified Cubs autographs grew from 76 to 100...and I think--I hope--that I'm finished.

That means its time to shift from autographs to relics.  I'm using the same rule I did with the autographs....a relic card for each Cub player that had one issued during a season that they played for the Cubs.

When I started this project, I already had 46 different players.  After successfully adding several autographs from COMC, I went back and did the same thing with the relics.  I searched for Cubs, and then checked the box to filter for relics.  Then I compared the year of the relics with the years the player was on the Cubs, and then checked if the player was among the 46 that I already had.

I came up with eight more card to add.  I really thought that there would be a lot more of these, since there were 100 players on the autograph checklist.  I guess since its easier to slap a sticker on a card, there are more autograph cards made.

Here are my eight new additions, with some big names and some relative unknowns...

Beltran was with the Cubs in 2002 and 2004; this card is from 2002

Cruz never lived up to his promise during his years with the Cubs, 2001-2003.  This Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects card is from 2001

It was cheaper to get this dual auto/relic card of Cashner that to get a plain relic card.  The card is from his only season with the Cubs, 2011.  He was traded after the season to the Padres in the Anthony Rizzo deal.

This was the only relic I could find of Jason Dubois, who is, by far, the lesser of the three on the card. It kills me that I have to refer to a card with Andre Dawson on it as the  Dubois card.  This is a 2005 release, which was Dubois' second season with the Cubs.

Mark Grace's time with the Cubs was coming to an end just as relic cards were starting to arrive.  If I read Beckett correctly, this is the only relic from when he was active with the Cubs. I'm happy to have this /1000 card from 2000, his final season in Chicago.

Here's another case where the dual auto/relic card was cheaper than the plain relic.  Pie was a big flop during his two years with the Cubs (2007-2008).  This card is from 2008

Juan Pierre spent only the 2006 season with the Cubs, so this is the only relic card that shows him as a Cub.

Todd Wellemeyer, despite what this 2004 card says, was not a future gem.  He was very mediocre during his time with the Cubs from 2003-2005

Here is my complete list of 55 Cubs with relics from a season with the Cubs.   Look it over all you eagle-eyed readers and tell me who I'm missing...

Moises AlouRich HardenCarlos Pena
Darwin BarneyBrendan HarrisFelix Pie
Francis BeltranKevin HartJuan Pierre
Damon BufordBobby HillMark Prior
Marlon ByrdRich HillAramis Ramirez
Andrew CashnerTodd HundleyAnthony Rizzo
Starlin CastroJacque JonesJeff Samardzija
Hee Seop ChoiEric KarrosAlfonso Soriano
Tyler ColvinDavid KeltonSammy Sosa
Juan CruzBryan LaHairGeovany Soto
Ryan DempsterDerrek LeeRyan Theriot
Blake DeWittTed LillyDarryle Ward
Jason DuboisKenny LoftonTodd Wellemeyer
Jim EdmondsGreg MadduxRandy Wells
Mike FontenotCarlos MarmolRondell White
Kosuke FukudomeSean Marshall*Jerome Williams
Nomar Garciaparra  Fred McGriffKerry Wood
Matt GarzaCorey Patterson     Carlos Zambrano
Mark Grace

*Missing from collection

The one player that I'm missing is one that I will probably never get.  According to Beckett, the only relic cards for Sean Marshall while with the Cubs were issued in 2008 by Upper Deck as part of the Ballpark Collection.  My best possibility is an unnumbered Jersey/Autograph card.  The other three are button, laundry tag, or MLB logo cards, numbered to either 4 or 5. I don't think I'll see any of those.

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  1. I'll take a closer look at your list later but I wanted to say that that's a pretty awesomely executed Juan Pierre card.

    I was thinking about making a Campana Diamondbacks custom card, but now I have an idea on how to tie the Cubs into it!