Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Preview of Series Two...The Factory Team Set

As they have each year since 2006. Topps has put out team sets for each of the 30 MLB teams.  Early on there were 14 cards per set; today the set is up to 17 cards.  Usually the set includes players that weren't included in Series One, giving you a sneak peak at Series Two.

Well, this year, of the 17 Cubs cards, only five (Barney, Castro, DeJesus, Rizzo, and Samardzija) were included in Series One.  That means we get our first look at 11 cards that may show up in Series Two (and the Wrigley Field card...exclusive to the Factory Set).

Let's start off with the five from Series One....some years these have different pictures than what was on the Series One card (Darwin Barney's was different last year), but all five of these are identical to the series one card



Now, the cards that would be new....

We start off with the Wrigley Field card.  This picture is from last season...the bleacher seats down the right field line were re-done last year.  The stadium cards are exclusive to the factory set and aren't included in the regular series one or series two.

Next will be the players that were with the Cubs last year...




...though Campana was released and Bret Jackson is in AAA.

Finally, there are three new guys with bad photoshopped uniforms


Hopefully Topps grabbed some spring training shots of these three and we'll get the real uniforms in Series Two.  It'll be interesting to see what happens with Campana and Brett Jackson, too.  I doubt either will be in Series Two, so this may be your only chance to see them on a Topps 2013 card.


  1. Oh crap - am I going to have to get a Cubs team set to score that sweet throwback Garza? DANGIT!

  2. Pretty solid photography choices all around (aside from Ian Stewart's Church Lady impression). I'm a little surprised, actually. I hope that Marmol turns out to be his series 2 card. I hate collecting endless parallels even more when the picture is bad. This one would be less annoying.