Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top TEN Wrigley Field Moments

Last summer I had a couple posts about the Wrigley Field Top Ten Moments sets that the Cubs gave away in 1999.

Eventually I acquired nine of the ten cards. Having the Top NINE Moments is not acceptable.  I don't like holes in my collection, and I've been searching in vain for the missing tenth, the Ryne Sandberg game card.  For six months, my search has come up empty.  I decided I would have to take a different route...instead of looking for the single card, why not look for the entire set.

And then it was easy.  A couple sets popped up at a fairly reasonable prices, and the hole is now filled.

Here is the missing Sandberg card, and below in chronological order...





are all TEN of the Top Ten Wrigley Field Moments.


  1. Nice set! Are the backs any good? I'm guessing a blurb about the event featured and more sponsor ads?

  2. Those are cool cards! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for a set.

  3. I just listed a sealed set on ebay today