Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The 2013 Cubs Scorecard

This is the earliest that I've picked up a Cub scorecard in many years.  That's one of the few advantages of going to a game in April.

Back in the day, the scorecard cost 15¢ or 20¢, but all you got was a piece of heavy stock paper folded, four pages total.  Today, they no longer sell the scorecard by itself.  Instead, it's stapled inside a game day version of the Cubs monthly magazine, Vineline.  The cost is much higher too, and this year it was $2.25.

The cover art is a bit of a disappointment when compared with past covers.  A picture of the Wrigley Field marquee isn't very creative (...says the blogger with a marquee for his banner!).  The only plus I'll give is for the fact that the picture borrows (or steals) design elements from Topps' 1973 and 1974 cards.


You've got the player in a circle ala 1973 and the name banner arrow thing ala 1974

Page 2 and 3 have the guts of a scorecard; you know, the actual scoresheet and game information.

The back is a full page Comcast Sportsnet ad, which I'm not going to bother showing

Now a philosophical question....how much longer will the Cubs, or any team, continue to produce scorecards?  I didn't see a single person sitting around me that either had the program or was keeping score.  Is the scorecards becoming a dinosaur?

Moving on, with this card, I now have 59 different seasons covered: 1949, 1954, 1956, and 1958 - 2013.  Here they are:


  1. Great collection. Thought about starting a Yankees scorecard collection myself.

    2.25 is a great price. At Yankee Stadium, scorecards are 10.00.

  2. When I'm at Fenway, I can usually see at least a hand full of people keeping score. The Red Sox don't have a scorecards, per say, But the team magazine has one in the middle of it. I use my own. The Sox also put the scoring on the scoreboard after each play. Don't know if that helps, or not.