Monday, April 8, 2013

Hack Took a Hack With This

I'm really excited about my most recent relic purchase:

2003 Topps Record Breakers Hack Wilson bat!

How cool is it to have a piece of a bat used by ...

...a Hall of Famer?
...the NL single season Home Run leader (who wasn't on steroids....just on booze!)
...the Major League Single Season RBI record holder?
...a Cub legend

I saw this pop up a couple weeks ago during an Ebay search.  This fit perfectly into my hunt for relics of old-time Cubs.  I did a quick check of the Standard Catalog for a value and it listed the card at $50.

The listing of the card was a Buy It Now.....for $10.

I pounced!

It took a little longer than usual for the card to arrive and the seller never marked it as shipped, nor did I get any tracking information.  I was getting a little nervous, thinking that the seller regretted letting the card go for a fraction of its value.

But lo and behold, the card did arrive and I carefully placed it into my autographs and relics binder.

With this card, I now have 17 of the Hall of Famer....


  1. That's a sweet card! I've been wanting a relic of his for a while now. Congrats on the deal too!

  2. Nice looking card. I like how the shattered glass effect carries over to the die cut area over the bat making it look shattered too.

  3. Those first two Wilson's are incredible. I've never seen those. I'm nearly convinced I need to acquire those gems!

    Great looking PC, Wrigley!