Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mini Billy

Yet another Gypsy Queen post!

Since he hasn't shown up in too many Topps products lately, I decided to take advantage of Billy's Gypsy Queen appearance and get as many of his cards as  I could for the player collection.   Earlier this year Billy made his first appearance in Heritage and now he shows up in Gypsy Queen for the first time, too.  It's Billypalooza!

I decided to pick up three mini parallel variations of Billy Williams' card. In addition to the base mini, there are five other parallels.  I haven't seen the wood (/5) or the leather (1/1) versions, and if they do show up, I'm sure I can't afford them.

That leaves me with the much more manageable black (/199), green (/99) and sepia (/50).  All were fairly abundant and fairly affordable.


The cards feature a shot of Billy at the Polo Grounds, taken in either 1962 or 1963.  He looks so young in the picture.  Even better, its a picture that hasn't been used much on other cards.  Too often, these kind of cards keep using the same picture over and over.

I've got different cards of Billy Williams, and I could find the same picture only twice.

Neither of these are from Topps, and both have the background removed, making the Gypsy Queen card look even more unique.

So, at least for Billy, give Topps some points for originality.


  1. Nice pickups. I still haven't pulled the trigger on any Gypsy Queen. Soon though.

  2. I just noticed that the 2013 Tribute base card is the same picture as well. That's pretty lame that Topps can't use a different picture for different products. Are they maybe only allowed rights to certain photos to use or is it just a case of no creativity?

  3. Nice work Paul! I am slowly amassing the cards of Dawson, Jenkins, and Palmer for my PC's. I'm getting close but still need 1-2 for each...