Monday, April 1, 2013

It's Opening Day!

To celebrate opening day, I've got the Cubs all time opening day lineup. The lineup features a majority of the players from the '60's and later. That seems odd to me, considering the long history of the Cubs. In fact, of the entire lineup, I have seen all but three (Hartnett, Grimm and Pafko) of them play (and I'm not that old).

Here's what I did to pick the cards shown (when possible):  This is Samardzijas's first Opening Day start, so I've got the card from the season of Fergie's first Opening Day start.  I could do that with Grace, Sandberg, Dunston, Santo, Williams, and Sosa.I've also got the opening day count for today's Cubs lineup.

Pitcher: Fergie Jenkins, 7 Opening Day starts
Jeff Samarzdija is making his first start today.

Catcher: Gabby Hartnett, 12 starts
Welington Castillo is making his first Opening Day start

First Base (since 1900): Charlie Grimm and Mark Grace, 12 starts
Anthony Rizzo makes his first opening day start.

Second Base: Ryne Sandberg, 13 starts (Notice that the card lists him as a third baseman---none of my cards from 1983 list him as a second baseman)
Brent Lillibridge will start in place for the injured Darwin Barney, and will never get an opening  day start with the Cubs ever again.

Shortstop: Shawon Dunston, 11 starts
Starlin Castro is also making his third start

Third Base: Ron Santo, 13 starts
Luis Valbuena makes his first (and probably only) opening day start

Left Field: Billy Williams, 10 starts
This is #7 for Alfonso Soriano.

Center Field (since 1900): Andy Pafko, 7 starts
David DeJesus makes his second Opening Day start, though his first in center field

Right Field: Sammy Sosa, 12 starts From Fleer's Update set, 2003
Like Valbuena, this is Nate Schierholtz's first and hopefully only start.

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  1. Solid line up Shaun Dunston had a gun over there at SS, I remember Meeting Fergie Jekins In Miami Nice guy got him to sign some cards. Love the Blog btw you should check mine out and follow if you like