Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Going To See A First Place Team Tonight!

I'm going to the ballpark tonight to see a first place team in action.  Want to guess what team I'll be watching??

Your first place Chicago Cubs!!  There it is--right on page 6 of today's Chicago Tribune.

Sure, the season is only two days old, but this will probably be the only chance all season that I can say "First place Chicago Cubs."

The Cubs play tonight in Pittsburgh and I'll be there....and its an interesting story that brings me to Pittsburgh.

This week is Spring Break (though someone forgot to tell the weather man!).  Back in January Mrs. WW was looking for a short getaway during break.  She's a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and she found Fallingwater, a house he designed, that's open for tours.  Its an hour from Pittsburgh and about six hours from our house.

Driving six hours, touring a house, and then driving six hours back didn't sound too exciting to me when she first mentioned the idea.  I was thinking that maybe we could catch a game at PNC if the Pirates were home as a way of adding something else to the trip.  I went online to check their schedule and not only were they home, they were playing the Cubs!!

I told Mrs. WW that visiting Fallingwater sounded like a great idea, and by the way....

So we have tickets to see the Cubs tonight and we'll tour Fallingwater tomorrow.  The weather for the game tonight doesn't look good.  Temperatures should be in the 30s. It will feel more like a Bears game than a Cubs game. But who cares.  The Cubs are in first place...that's all I need to feel warm!

On the hill tonight is Edwin Jackson, the Cubs $52 million man.  If he can pitch in a way worthy of the big bucks he's earning, then maybe I can say "First place Chicago Cubs" for one more day.


  1. Wow, what a stroke of luck.

    Seems like every time I travel the Cubs are on the opposite side of the country.

    Dress warmly and enjoy the game!

  2. Ugh, Edwin.

    For your sake, I hope he doesn't walk 8 batters in 4 innings. Everyone will freeze like popsicles.

  3. So much for first place. That was a tough one. We'll get 'em tomorrow!