Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blue Barneys

A couple blue Barneys have been added to my collection....and they're the sparkly kind, too.


Up first is the Blue Sparkle Silver Slate Redemption card. Though unnumbered, there are only about 150 of these out there. A Silver Slate /10 finally showed up on EBay on Sunday. Would the rest of you please stay away so I can get it at a decent price? Thank you! ;)

The other blue card is...

...the Blue Sparkle Opening Day card. I believe this is the first time a sparkle card has shown up in Opening Day. It's a nice looking card. I like the way the crowd in the background hasn't been blued out. You can't tell it from the scan, but the background has an almost 3-D type effect, where if you tilt the card to the side, the background appears more clearly, but look straight on and you get a sparkle effect.

With the addition of these cards, I'm now up to 13 different versions of Barney's walk off home run celebration from May 30, 2012.

Here's an updated tile with all thirteen versions...




  1. I think you should consider ditching the ivy and tiling the backdrop of your blog with colorful, sparkly, and shiny Barneys!

    1. Barney Wax...Home of Barney Cards!

    2. LOL Hmmmm... on second thought... that may be a little too much Barney, even for us Cubs fans!

  2. I really enjoy watching you chase this down. Super motivational!!

  3. Just imagine how much bigger this will be when Chrome comes out (assuming Topps reuses the same photo as it typically does for most players).