Saturday, April 13, 2013

Teaming Up With Topps

The Cubs and Topps have teamed up several times to produce some special projects.

From 2001-2004 they combined to issue cards for Baseball Card Day at Wrigley Field.  The cards contained a special logo.

Here is a cards from each of the four years...



Last year, the Cubs and Topps renewed their relationship, though not with cards directly.  Instead, it was cards printed on tickets...

This year, its back to cards.  The Cubs will be having four different Baseball Card Days, when packs of 20 cards will be given away.  But in addition to those, there was a separate set produced for season ticket holders.  Some of those cards have started making their way to Ebay and I was able to pick up four of them for my player collection.

First, two of the four Billy Williams cards


And then two of Darwin Barney


I really like the looks of the cards.  And the Barney card on the left is what I hope next year's Heritage will look like.

The only disappointment is on the backs of the cards...

....Topps and the Cubs took the lazy way out.  Every back mimics the style from the...

....1977 set.  But only the personal data of the players is given on the top. There are no career stats.  Instead we get the exact same ad for Cubs tickets on each card.

My plan it to try and each of the four giveaway sets.  I hope to get two of the sets in person and the others via friends/readers who will be attending.  As I get the cards, I'll get them posted.


  1. I want the whole set (both SGA and season ticket holders) but man are they pricey right now. $150+ for the season ticket holder sets right now.

    Maybe I'll just settle for the poster if they do one like they did last year for the tickets.

  2. I'll be there for the August 2nd game during the National convention, but would love to trade for the other ones I won't get for my player collections of Kessinger, Kingman, Bowa, DeJesus, and Sutter. Will you have multiple packs to trade from?