Saturday, July 27, 2013

1953 Cubs Scorecard

This beauty was delivered a couple days ago...

...a 1953 Cubs scorecard.

You can tell that the Cubs weren't too good during this era....the lady on the cover is a whole lot bigger than the ballplayers.  The Cubs were selling the "Beautiful Wrigley Field" experience instead of baseball.

As you might be able to read on the cover, the card is from August 16, 1953.  The Cubs were swept by the Brave in a Sunday doubleheader in front of a jam-packed Wrigley, with 39,903 in attendance.  It was their biggest crowd that season.

The card is from game one,  Braves 4-2.  The box score is here.

The original owner kept score, and if you want you can compare the scoring with the box score.  It looks like they match up fairly closely.

The card also had a little bonus, the grandstand ticket stub.  The unreserved grandstand seat cost a whole $1.25.

This makes year #60 in my collection, and that will make a nice even 6 x 10 tile.

Enjoy 60 different seasons worth of scorecards!


  1. You do the best tiles in the blogosphere. Congrats on finding #60!

  2. That may be my favorite of all your collections and I do love today's addition.

  3. Dang now I want a bag of Jay's and an Old Style.

  4. a shame they moved to using photographs. that is some outstanding baseball art there.

  5. Read the following as if it were just after the less-than-beautiful guitar solo in Doctor Hook song "Cover Of The Rolling Stone":

    Oh, man.... Dat's beautiful.

    I'm not being facetious when I say that things like this make me want to be a Cubs fan.

  6. This is too funny... the captcha code for the above post had the string "getnvs"... "Get envious"?

  7. That is a beautiful scorecard. That Yankees had some gems in the 40s and 50s that I would love to add to my Yankees collection.

    When collecting scorecards, what are your thoughts on scored against non scored? Which would you be more likely to pick up first and why?