Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cubs Giveaway Set #2

On Friday, July 5, the Cubs gave away their second of four 20-card Cubs Archives sets.  Nick from Dime Boxes was lucky enough to attend the game to get his set.  I was coming home from vacation that day so a trip to Wrigley was not possible (though I do have tickets to giveaway #3 on August 2).

Luckily, an ebay seller had several sets available at a very reasonable BIN, and I didn't hesitate.  Last week the cards arrived, safe and sound.

The look of the cards is no suprise, since they are identical to the Season Ticket Holder set, minus the Season Ticket Holder logo.  I've got all 82 of the cards here.

This round of 20 cards includes some of the big names in Cubs history (Sandberg (bad 'stache version!), Wood, Santo, Grace, Maddux).  Several of the '69 Cubs were included (Beckert, Kessinger, Hundley). Two from the late '70s (Kingman and Buckner) made an appearance, too.

There are even two exiled Cubs, Sammy Sosa (persona non grata since being traded after the 2004 season) and Steve Stone (who burned--no torched--some bridges when he left as a broadcaster after the 2004 season).

I'll show the cards in alphabetical order:










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  1. I love these cards, wished they had 'em for the Padres. I wish all of Sandberg's cards had that bad stache, as it reminds me of the only kind that my dad and I can grow.