Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dell Today's Cubs...The Cards!

Yesterday I had the non-card pages of the Dell Today's 1971 Chicago Cubs book.  Today I get to the important part...the cards.

Each Dell book contains 24 players.  The are placed 12 to a page.  The page is perforated so you can punch out the cards but I'm leaving the book intact.  The players aren't arranged on the page in any special order.  Rather, they seemed to be placed randomly.

Here is the first page...

...and right away you'll notice a Twin, Met, Padre, and Red Sox player mixed in.  Dell didn't seem to be too concerned about the teams shown.

The back of the page has a small bio of the player.  Stats were given on a different page...I showed those pages yesterday.

On to the second page of players...

with a couple Astros and a Brave...

and the back.

The pictures are a little small, so I've got a better look at each of the 24 cards, this time in alphabetical order...


1 comment:

  1. Neat! Three things...
    1. Why did Jim Colborn pose with a bat?
    2. FOUR catchers??
    3. Is that a crayon drawing of Roberto?