Monday, July 15, 2013

Retail Boxes Recap

With yesterday's Woolworth post, I've finished up with all the various retail brand boxed sets.

Here's a quick recap...

**The first box was the K Mart 25th Anniversary set from 1982

**The final set was the Toys R Us 1993 set

**A total of 28 different boxed sets were put out by Topps

**8 different retailers were involved....Ames, Circle K, KayBee, K Mart, Revco, Rite Aid, Toys R Us, and Woolworth.

**25 of the sets had a checklist of 33 cards

**2 sets had 44 cards

**The biggest set was the last one, Toys R Us 1993, with 100 cards

**The total number of cards from the 28 sets is 1011 cards

**38 of the cards were Cubs, which is barely 4%.  I wasn't ambitious enough to check the team totals of the other 25 teams.

**Andre Dawson was the most popular Cub..11 of the 38 Cubs cards were of the Hawk

I've got a few tiles to show...

Here are all the box fronts

The 28 checklists on the back of the boxes look like this

Finally, the 38 Cubs

In addition to the retail sets, Topps also collaborated with three food companies, Drakes, Quaker Oats, and Purina to produce 33 card sets.  I was able to hunt them down and I'll feature them in the next couple weeks.

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  1. Love these oddball sets from my childhood. Thanks for sharing.