Friday, July 19, 2013


No cards today.  Instead a different type of Cubs collectible...

....A Pez dispenser!

A friend of mine saw this at a yard sale and picked it up for me.

I used to love Pez as a kid. I had a couple dispensers, but they never had any candy in usually disappeared within minutes of it being loaded in.

This dispenser is from 2007

The back makes mention of the fact that the 2007 season will be with Cubs' 92nd in Wrigley Field.

Two questions...

...First, should I leave the dispenser in the package, or take it out and display it?

...Second, if I do open the package, does anyone know the shelf life of Pez?  Does it have a shelf life?  Would it taste any better than 30 year old gum??


  1. If it were me, I'd base it on the condition of the packaging. Since it's a reasonably new Pez dispenser... if the package is less than perfect, I'd tear it open. But if the package is in good shape, I'd keep it sealed. However... I'm also the guy who's been known to bust open slabbed copies of cardboard ;-)

    As for shelf life... have no idea. But if you decide to bust it open, let us know how it tastes.

  2. I bought a Tweety Pez dispenser that came with candy back in December 1996 (Yes, because of Seinfeld) and I still have it. The box suggests I should have eaten the candy by November 1997.

    I bought it on the Big Island of Hawaii, so I'm not really sure how long it was there prior to my purchasing it.

    I'm not sure I'd risk it...

    Nick J

  3. The shelf life of the candy is two years, but as long as the candy is hard and "snappy", it's fine. Time and humidity will cause it to get soft, in which case spend $1.29 on some fresh packs.

    As for opening the Pez dispenser, they go for about $4 on ebay, so open it up, put it on the shelf and enjoy viewing it rather than hiding it in a box to protect it's "value".

    Also, there's more than one Cubs themed dispenser out there!

  4. I have a regular sized Charlie Brown wearing a Cubs hat and A Super large size CB in a Rockies (my sister in law lives near Denver).