Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Waited A While, But Finally Got the Card...Part 2

My next card was one that I was waiting on since April...

....this nice 2013 Gypsy Queen autograph of Billy Williams.

Why the Wait??
Simple...the autograph was a redemption.

This is what I purchased back in April.  It was the first redemption card I ever bought.  I've tended to stay away from them because I've read horror stories about them on the message boards.  Some collectors have waited a couple years to get theirs, while others had to settle for replacement cards.

I thought I'd take a chance since Billy doesn't seem like the type of person to blow off an obligation.  And sure enough, three months later, the card arrived.

Billy base and mini cards in Gypsy Queen look like this...

....with the Polo Grounds shot that Topps has used to death this year.  So it was a pleasant surprise to see a different picture on the autograph card...


....this overused picture of him at Wrigley Field!