Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1971 Dell Today Cubs

One of Sunday's random Cubs cards was the 1971 Dell Today's Cubs Juan Pizarro.  I thought for sure that I had a post about the entire set, but a search of the site turned up nothing.  So today, let's take a look at an odd ball set from 42 years ago.

The cards came in a book that looks like this...

The books has the player's cards on four pages and several pages of other Cubs and baseball information.  Today I've got the non card pages.

It was quite a bargain at only 39¢.  Dell made a book for each of the 24 MLB teams and...

...they had an ad in the book for all of them.  You could buy a book for all the teams for $4.50.

My book has the envelope for placing you order still attached...

This is the inside cover, which tells the Cubs team story.

Another page tells the history of the National League.

Two pages give the stats of the players in the book....these are the players that have cards.

The inside back cover has some all-time Cubs greats.

And the back of the book has the 1971 Cubs teams schedule.  Notice that all of the home games were day games--no lights at Wrigley for another 17 years.

Tomorrow I'll get to the guts of the book...the cards.

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  1. Awesome piece. I'm already looking at a few Yankees on eBay.