Friday, July 12, 2013

2013 Pro Debut Cubs

This is Topps' fourth go-around with Pro Debut.  As with the previous three editions, the set is 220 cards featuring minor league prospects.

Though called "Pro Debut", the players are not making their "pro debut."  Many have two, three, sometimes even four years of professional experience.  In fact, some of the players are in the set for a second time.  This product is a real head scratcher for me.

Since the Cubs are in a rebuilding mode, they netted ten slots in the set.  Personally, I'd rather have a good team with lots of cards in the base set instead of ten cards in a prospect set.  But that's not where they are right now.  Some day soon I hope, but not right now.

Six players are shown as Boise Hawks, the Cubs short-season rookie league team.




Three more are with the Daytona Cubs, the Cubs High-A team.


Finally, we get one AA Tennessee Smokie.

Of the ten, Almora, Baez, and Soler are getting the most attention.  Time will tell whether they end up being members of the 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs.


  1. I'd give Rock Shoulders an honorable mention just for his name.

  2. I enjoy picking up the Mets & Orioles from these sets, as well as guys I've seen play at minor league games I've attended, but one that that always annoys me is the fact that they use photos from the previous year, which means that pretty much every guy in the set is pictured with a team that he hasn't played on since 2012. For instance, everyone's new favorite player Rock Shoulders has been on the Kane County Cougars all year.

  3. As of July 2016 six of them made it to the Cubs, if only for a bit.