Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2013 Series Two

I've had the chance to put Series Two into pages and now the entire Topps 2013 set is safely stored in it's binder....that makes for a 45-year run of Topps, from 1969 - 2013.

A few scattered thoughts on the 2013 set...

...I've noticed this happening more the past couple years that it ever happened before:  players from the same team with consecutive card numbers.  Topps always used to space the teams out.  Go through a binder from 1972 and you'll find a Cub every 3-4 pages.  But now you can find players from the same team two cards in a row.  In fact, there are three Angels in a row...#336-338...3 Mets in a row, #483 - 485.

...I'm really getting tired of all the photoshopped cards.  If the point of series two is to get players on their current teams, why not take some pictures at spring training this year or take some shots in April.

...when using action pictures of pitchers, could we not use any more "grunt faces."  They're nasty looking.

...finally, the back of this card...

...cracked me up...

...If I were a Nationals fan, I'd be worried...the pitching career of the other two guys didn't end so well.

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