Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 Ernie Banks Commemorative Patch

When looking over the checklist for the Cubs in the various Series Two inserts, I overlooked one...

....this one.

Topps has, thankfully, really cut down on the number of these patch cards.  In 2011 there were 13 hat logo patches plus three All Star Game patches for the Cubs.  This year, I'm down to only two, Anthony Rizzo in Series One and this Banks card.  My Paypal account is especially thankful for the cutback.

There is one lame thing with the card, though.  Look at the Cubs logo in the bottom right hand corner.  It's the logo from the 60's and '70s and its the one that would have been on Ernie's home uniform.

Now compare it to the patch.

They don't match.  The patch is the modern Cubs logo with the much larger blue circle. Seems to me that it would look better if the designs were the same.  If you go to the trouble to include the old logo on the card, why not make the patch to match?

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