Thursday, August 1, 2013

Update on the Barney Heritage SPs

Time to update you on the 2012 Heritage No Position Barney SSP and the 2013 Heritage Barney Venezuelan cards.

Up first, the 2012 No Position card.  Since my last update in April, three cards were listed on Ebay.  The action was interesting.  The first sold on April 30 for $47, about half the average price.  

The next was listed on May 5 with an opening bid of $99 or you could do a BIN for $300.  Not surprisingly, it didn't sell.  It has since been relisted with a starting bid of $49.99---no bidders.  Since then its been a BIN/BO with prices of $129, then $99, and finally its current price of $70.  I have a feeling its going to be sitting there for a while.

The third card was a straight auction with a starting price of $0.99.  The auction had some action--bargain hunters--and the winner got a deal as it went for $32.99.  But that wasn't the end.  The seller must have figured he'd be getting a whole lot more, because the buyer left the seller a negative with the following comment...LYING DEADBEAT!!! HAD TO FILE CASE TO GET REFUND!!! PATHETIC LOSER!!!  Looks like the card never got sent.

So to recap, since April, only one card actually changed hands, one has been listed five times, and one was sold but never sent.

Action on the Barney 2013 Heritage Venezuelan was also interesting.  Only two were listed since April, making a total of only nine listed since Heritage came out in March.  As a comparison, by the end of July last year, 24 copies of the No Position card were sold on Ebay.  It still my contention that the Venezuelan cards are not as plentiful as the No Position card.

The average price for the two Venezuelans sold was only $3.76.  And they both went to the same!  I've now got seven of the nine sold.

I'm the Duke brothers from Trading Places,

cornering the market.  But I'm not spending millions on orange juice futures.  It's only costing me four bucks a pop for a card that's only been seen nine times since March.


  1. Wow... seems like Beckett and Ebay have it all backwards!

  2. Did you get this year's Opening Day Barney subset card?