Thursday, August 15, 2013

Barney Base Parallel #18

The 2013 Barney base parallel collection has grown by one, but by looking at the card... wouldn't really know it.

The card is the recently-released mini version.

Last year there was quite a buzz when the mini sets came out.  This year, with it's release coming at the same time as Ginter, there's not been much said at all.  I got caught up with the hype in 2012 and bought an entire Cubs team set.  This year it will just be the Barney card.

There are also parallels of the minis in gold, pink, and black.  As of today, none of the Barney parallels have surfaced on Ebay.  That leads me to believe that sales for this are down.  Anyone else have the same thought?

The Barney base count is now up to 18...take a look...

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