Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Complete Cubs Pinnacle Tile

Yesterday's post on 2013 Pinnacle inspired me to create a tile with all the Cubs from all the Pinnacle sets....1992 - 1998 and 2013.

When Pinnacle first came out, it was a pretty large set.  The 1992 release was a full blown set with 620 cards.  The next year was the same.  Then the numbers started dropping...1994, 540 cards; 1995, 450 cards, 1996, 400 cards.  The last two years, '97 and 98 saw the set drop to only 200 cards.

The number of Cubs saw a corresponding drop, from a high of 26 in the premiere edition, to a low of 6 in the final set. One player made the entire run, Mark Grace.  Sandberg missed the '95 set (he'd retired) and Sosa was not in the '92 set (that was his first year with the Cubs).

There are a total of 111 Cubs in the first run and the six from this year, making a total of 117 Pinnacle Cubs.

This first tile is just one card from each year, giving you a chance to see the various Pinnacle designs.

Below is a look at all 117 Pinnacle Cubs.

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