Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mini Barney Wood

I think this card is appropriate for a guy that hasn't shown much with the wood this year...he's been around .220 most of the year...a mini wood card.

The card is from this year's Gypsy Queen and it's a wood version numbered /5.  

This is the first wood card in my collection.  I've seen these in various sets, but they're usually very low numbered and out of my price range.  This one came pretty cheap since Gypsy Queen has been out a while and is off most collector's radar.

I assumed that the cards were on actual pieces of wood, with the picture etched in.  


Just cardboard made to look like wood.  Not sure what the big deal is.

This will finish off my Barney Gypsy Queen Rainbow with eight cards...

the three regular sized border...white border...

and five / /99...sepia /50...and wood /5


  1. Oh man, I always thought they were on wood as well! Outta my price range anyways, but now I won't try to break the bank or anything to get one, I'm not that big on minis. Pun.