Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 Allen and Ginter Cubs

Yesterday was a really good mail day.  Not only did my wayward package from Pennsylvaniacalifornia arrive, but so did my Ginter package from Brentandbecca.

Today I'll take a look at all the Cubs cards.

There's 350 total cards in the set, and eleven are Cubs.  That's pretty good, especially when you toss out the 48 non-baseball player cards.

For the Cubs, this is the set of the Hall of Famers.  Five of the eleven Cubs cards are of non-active players.  In the previous seven years of Ginter, there were just two cards of Cubs from the past, Ernie Banks in 2006 and Ryne Sandberg in 2012.  So having five this year is huge.


Of course we start with the standard Topps two, Banks and Sandberg.


Then we get a Ginter debut for Fergie Jenkins and Andre Dawson...

...and best of all (at least to me!), a card of Billy Williams!  Even better, its not the same Polo Ground shot that Topps has used on almost every other Billy Williams card this year.

I made this card back in April, my guess as to what his card would look like.  Boy am I glad that I was wrong!

Among the six active players they're weren't any real surprises.  These first two...


...aren't with the team any more.

The four still on the team are...


....Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, Jeff Samardzija...

...and my boy Barney.


  1. All those retirees and still no Santo to be found...

    1. Panini seems to be the only place to go for Santo. I'm guessing Topps doesn't own his rights anymore.

  2. Why do they depict 'Sweet Swinging' Billy Williams as a Right-Handed Hitter????? I actually like the card you made much better.