Friday, August 9, 2013

Looking At Heritage While Waiting for Ginter

Topps released a look at 2014 Heritage at the same time that the delay Ginter is finally released.  Seems odd timing to me, as most collectors won't pay Heritage much attention with Ginter to rip.

But I'm playing the Ginter waiting game, while Brentandbecca rips into 32 cases and puts my cards together.  I've got time to look at Heritage 2014

 The 1965 design is the basis of the set and I really liked the '65 design.

Bright colors and a large pennant...nice!

The question for me was regarding the team logo...would Topps use the '65 logos or the current ones.


This card of Angel Mike Trout seems to answer that question....modern.

Boo!  I prefer the look of the original logos.


Here's a couple mock-ups of Darwin Barney's card with the new and old Cubs logo.  Looks like we'll get the version on the right.

Topps also released a preliminary checklist of 50 players.  I've put all the Cubs on the list in bold.  Look for them....

Adam Jones
Adam Wainwright
Andrew McCutchen
Bryce Harper
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gonzalez
CC Sabathia
Chris Davis
Chris Sale
Christian Yelich
Clayton Kershaw
Craig Kimbrel
David Ortiz
David Wright
Derek Jeter
Domonic Brown
Dustin Pedroia
Felix Hernandez
Gerrit Cole
Giancarlo Stanton
Hanley Ramirez
Hiroki Kuroda
Hyun-Jin Ryu
Jacoby Ellsbury
Jake Marisnick
James Shields
Joey Votto
Jose Fernandez
Julio Teheran
Jurickson Profar
Justin Upton
Justin Verlander
Manny Machado
Matt Harvey
Matt Kemp
Max Scherzer
Miguel Cabrera
Mike Trout
Nolan Arenado
Patrick Corbin
Paul Goldschmidt
Prince Fielder
Robinson Cano
Shelby Miller
Stephen Strasburg
Troy Tulowitzki
Wil Myers
Yasiel Puig
Yoenis Cespedes
Yu Darvish

So why are there no names in bold?  Why didn't Topps include any Cubs?  Not even current Topps Cubs golden boy Anthony Rizzo or the previous blessed one Starlin Castro.

Hopefully a few Cubs make the additional 375 players that will be added to the final checklist.

Anyone else notice if their team was shutout?


  1. The Padres were shut out as well, but it's fine with me. Topps keeps putting my least favorite players into their sets as the few Padres representatives (Edinson Volquez and Yasmani Grandal), or players who have been injured the majority of the year (Cameron Maybin, Cory Luebke, and Casey Kelly). Take your time, Topps, and get it right (not holding my breath, though).