Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Sure Hope This Works Out

I bought the Across The Years Ginter insert set on August 9.  Most years I'll get one of the sets.  I've got the States cards from 2008, the international ones from the next year, and many of the sketch sets.  The Across the Years set looked interesting, though at 100 cards its a bit bigger than most insert sets.  Four Cubs--Banks, Sandberg, Rizzo, and Castro, are in the set, so that also piqued my interest.

I got tracking information from the seller on Tuesday, telling me that the package shipped.  I was hoping for a little quicker pack and ship time, but at least the box was on the way.  Tracking told me the package was coming from Pennsylvania and would be delivered on Saturday.

It wasn't.

My package decided to take a little vacation.

Instead of heading to Michigan, it ended up In Los Angeles.

I'm not an efficiency expert,  but I'm pretty sure that Philadelphia to Michigan via California is not the most efficient way to move a package.

I'm hoping this works out and my box makes it to Michigan....but its not very easy to put your faith and trust in the United States Postal Service.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. And it wasn't mailed to the wrong address? Strange.

  2. I'm assuming the address is correct. The shipping was done via eBay/PayPal, so the address should have automatically been mine.

  3. My guess is someone screwed up the zip code that was entered into the system and which generated the bar code. I had a similar situation with a package I sent my son in Colorado. Even though it made it to the state, it then got sent to Arizona. When I called USPS, she was able to pull up the ticket and realize the zip code got entered with a couple numbers switched. So the scan put it back on a truck. Luckily, someone actually LOOKED at the address I put on the box and corrected the delivery to the correct city.