Monday, August 19, 2013

All the Ginter Cubs Relics From All The Years

On Friday I had the Cubs relics from this year's Ginter.  After finishing the post, I went back and looked at all the relics in my Ginter binder.  I decided to make a tile with all the relics so you could first, see just how many Cubs were included in 2011 and 2012, and second, appreciate the look of the mini relic cards, since this year Topps mixed in full relics along with the minis.

Ginter came out in 2006 and only one Cub, Mark Prior, had a relic.  The next year saw two Cubs, and the year after that, three.  There were just two in 2009 and then the numbers started going up.  The red borders are from 2010 and there are five Cubs.  The big year was 2011--12 different cards, though two of the players had both jersey and bat cards.  It was double digits again in 2012, as ten more Cubs relic cards (of nine players) made their way into my binders.  The tile ends with the five from this year.

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