Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cubs Archives Set #3 "This Looks Familiar"

While scanning in the 2013 Cubs Archives set #3, I was constantly having that "This Looks Familiar" feeling.

The cause.....the dreaded re-used photos.

I searched through my Cubs collection and found 9½ of the 20 cards in the third set used photos that have already been used on different cards.

Let me start with the ½ card...


...It's Jose Cardenal and his super-fro.  The reason for the ½ is that the picture isn't quite the same, but it's the same photo shoot--look at the necklace he has on in both pictures



....Both Ernie Banks pictures have been used many times.



...Billy gets the re-used treatment, too.


..Rick Monday's card gets an asterisk...the picture is the same one I used when I made my own version of his 1975 Hostess card.  The actual Hostess card (on the right) has a different picture.

I suppose I can understand (a little) the re-use of pictures for players from the past.  But I find it inexcusable and lazy to do the same thing with current players.  Seems to me you shouldn't have a problem finding different pictures of Anthony Rizzo or Darwin Barney for the cards.  But that's not the way Topps rolls..

...Rizzo gets a repeat from the Archives Tallboy card



....Samardzija's pictures are from last year's Heritage set and this year's base set.


...and they recycled the picture from Darwin Barney's 2011 Bowman Chrome card.


  1. Same photo shot for Cardenal? The background looks like 2 different fields,and who is to say Cardenal didnt wear that necklace all the time.

  2. Nah, same photo shoot at spring training, 1972. They just had him face the opposite direction. It's also the photo shoot from his 1972 traded card. When you see all three together, you can see how they're all from the same day in Arizona.

  3. Did a little more digging around at this site

    Both pictures were taken at old Scottsdale Stadium.