Monday, December 30, 2013

All of the Topps Cubs Catchers

I've put tiles together all the Cubs from various brands or of a particular player.  Today I went a different route.  Today's tile criteria is a position--catcher.  I went with catcher since I figured it would be a manageable number of cards.  Most years feature only one or two catchers.

I'm using the complete Topps run from 1952 to the present.  I used cards from the flagship brand that listed the player's position as catcher.  Some players had more than one position listed, but if one of them was catcher, then they made the tile.

I ended up with 135 cards.  The most from a particular year were the 1960 and 1990 sets which had four cards each.   They were a few years that didn't include any Cub catcher.

You're not going to find a single hall of famer among the bunch.  In fact, most of these guys weren't very good.  If I had to pick the top few, I'd include Randy Hundley, Jody Davis, and Joe Girardi.  Otherwise, you're left with some pretty mediocre players.


  1. That would make an awesome poster. Well done.

  2. We've had this discussion before but that's a pretty small group of top catchers. I don't know if you looked but does Hundley have the most appearances? I would imagine. That says something right there.

    1. I just checked these two, whom I'm assuming are #1 and #2.....Hundley played 947 games for the Cubs and Jody Davis played 990.

  3. Typical Topps , same Hundley photo '67 and '69

  4. That is pretty cool. I'd buy a poster like that.

  5. I like the 78 swisher card the most.

  6. The '65 Harry Bright card is the only "C-INF-OF" card I've ever seen.