Monday, December 23, 2013

Does the Design Really Matter?

Take a look at 63 years worth of Topps baseball card designs.

We've got some with lots of color, some not.  Some have a team logo, some don't.  There are head shots and action shots.

Though some designs are similar, none are identical.

But when all is said and done, how much does the design matter to you?

It doesn't matter a whole lot to me.

I collect Topps baseball cards.

Some years I  get some cool-looking cards.

Some years they're duds.

But I'm going to get all of them each year regardless.  Over time I've gotten over the looks of the cards and just appreciated them for what they are...the cards from a particular year.  They don't need to be pieces of art that blow me away.  If they don't strike me this year, I know that next year will be something different.

The 2014 cards look like this.

Some people like them, some don't.


Does the card have a picture of a baseball player?  Yes
Does it list the team?  Yup
Is it a piece of 3½" x 5½" cardboard?  It is.

And that's all I need.

2014 Series One comes out in a little more than a month.

I'll be buying.


  1. Design matters a lot to me. I love most of the vintage designs. Grew up with the early 70s designs. I also like the 80s designs but the 1990s through the early 2000s are mostly duds to me. Things began to pick up some and the 2010s are mostly OK.

    2014 design? Not too thrilled but it is OK

  2. I agree with you with a slight caveat. I will be collecting the Rockies from every set no matter the design, it's what I do. However, if I really like a design I will collect the entire set. I collected 2009, 2011 Topps, and 2011 Topps Heritage, but not 2010, 2012, and 2013.

  3. I would, of course, prefer a nicer design than not, but a subpar one won't stop me from buying Topps Flagship. I'm not huge on the 2014 design, but I'm sure I'll want to get my hands on them as soon as possible next month.

  4. This is my version of "Not into this year's Topps set": If the cards impress me as little in person as they do in images, then I will wait and buy a factory set while I get my pack-busting jollies out of Heritage.

  5. Design matters almost more than anything else. Especially these days when I need a reason to put money down on a modern set. If the design doesn't speak to me (and it won't in 2014), I will buy a lot less. Why do I want to look at a bunch of crappy-looking cards? I'm still annoyed I bought as many 2012 cards as I did.

  6. Yes and No. Design definitely matters to me in terms of cardboard appreciation. My favorite cards (56T Jackie Robinson & 83T Tony Gwynn) are based on card design and who's on the card.

    However you're right in the sense that even if the card design isn't my favorite... I'll still buy singles of them for my individual PC's. Happy holidays!