Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Topps Series One Cubs Inserts

My order from Brent also included all the Cubs basic insert cards (except the retail-only First Home Run cards).  I really save on shipping when I can get all the different inserts from one seller.

Here is the overall insert list:

Archetypes: NO CUBS
Baseball History: 10B Bruce Sutter
First Home Run: 01 Jorge Soler, 13 Javier Baez
First Pitch: 04 Eddie Vedder, 10 Graham Elliot, 11 Tom Morello
Free Agent 40: 7 Andre Dawson
Gallery of Greats: NO CUBS
Highlight of the Year: 10 Ernie Banks
Inspired Play: NO CUBS
Robbed: NO CUBS

The Cubs didn't do so hot here, with four of the nine sets being Cub-free.  I had eight cards to get, though three of the eight aren't true Cubs.  It seems kinda odd now that my inventory spreadsheet lists not only Banks, Williams, Sandberg, Rizzo, and Evers, but also Vedder, Elliot, and Morello.   Given that the First Pitch cards attracted quite a bit of interest (Brent said he sold one Vedder card for $30!), I'm sure we will see them again, if not in series two, then next year.

Here's the eight inserts:

The card is for history in 1976, but the picture is from 1977 or 1978.


Interesting fact: they both hit their first home run in their first game.  Soler did it in his first at bat.  Baez waited until the 13th inning and hit a game-winner.


Three non-Cubs now forever immortalized in the WW collection spreadsheet.

The back of the cards mentions the suspense during Spring Training as to where Dawson would end up signing for the 1987 season.  Wrong.  There wasn't any real suspense.  Dawson had pretty much said he'd play for the Cubs.  In fact, he signed a blank contract and let the team fill in the salary amount.  Dallas Green screwed him over by paying him just $500,000.

Again, a card celebrating an event in a certain year but showing a picture from the wrong year.  The uniform the Cubs wore in 1957 said "Chicago Cubs" across the front; this one shown just says "Chicago."  Also, the '57 hats had red vertical piping.

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