Thursday, February 26, 2015

No Cubs Giveaway Cards This Year, But...

The Cubs released their promotion schedule yesterday.  It's not nearly as full as last years', which is expected since there is no Wrigley Field birthday celebration this year.  Bobbleheads and head wear seem to be most prevalent.

Missing from the list is baseball cards.  Two years ago the Cubs and Topps teamed up for a fantastic set of cards given away over four different games.  I wasn't surprised that they skipped cards last year with all the Wrigley hoopla, but am disappointed that they aren't doing cards in 2015.

My disappointment is tempered somewhat by the giveaway on Friday, July 24.

That is a miniature replica of the Billy Williams statue that is on the corner of Addison and Sheffield.

Mrs. WW and I haven't made our summer vacation plans yet.  But I'm pretty sure I know where we will be on July 24!


  1. Can I buy the wife's off ya? You don't need two, don't be greedy. :P