Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why It Takes A Little While For My 2015 Cards to Arrive

I've shown virtual cards the past couple days because I'm waiting for the actual cards to arrive from Brentandbecca.

This is the third or fourth year that I've made my purchases through Brent.  He's always been very reliable and his prices are reasonable.  It's made things much easier for me to get most of my cards from one dealer instead of having to deal with multiple auctions and dealers.

The only downside is that sometimes I've had to wait a few extra days for the cards to arrive.  That is due to the volume he deals with.  It takes him a little while to sort through all his cards. For series one he said that he is busting 77 cases: 72 jumbo, 3 hobby, and 2 retail.

Here's the math on the number of cards:
Jumbo Case contains 6 boxes with ten packs of 50 cards...6 x 10 x 50 = 3,000 cards x 72 cases = 216,000 cards!
Hobby Case contains 12 boxes with 36 packs of 10 cards... 12 x 36 x 10 = 4,320 cards x 3 = 12,960 cards
Retail Case contains 12 boxes with 24 packs of 12 cards... 12 x 24 x 12 = 3,456 cards x 2 = 6,912 cards

216,000 + 12,960 + 6,912 = 235,872 cards total!!

That is some serious wax busting, sorting, and collating.

He tweeted out some pictures of what he's got to sorts:

57 monster boxes with 3,500 in each... these are all base cards

Stacks of inserts

The crazy thing is that I've never had an order messed up.  Imagine going through that many cards, with thousands of orders, and getting it right.  Amazing!

And worth the wait.


  1. That's impressive. I think I would lose my mind sorting that many cards - hopefully they've got an assistant or two.
    The Cubs look pretty good in this set, I think they'll be worth the wait!

  2. Are you trading any? If so, please email me at

  3. Yep I bought from Brent and Becca before and had no complaints. While I would love to bust open 77 cases, you're right that much sorting would drive me bonkers. He's smart busting a couple retail case too as there are retail only inserts this year.

  4. That panorama shot of the shelf with cards is incredible. I know it's just the camera playing tricks, but it looks like that shelf is going to give!

  5. I may have to check out Brent and Becca. Do they bust anything aside from the flagship series?

    1. He does most of the mainstream releases..... Heritage, Gypsy Queen, Ginter, Bowman. Busting cases is his full time job.