Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Have A 2015 Card in Hand

I got word yesterday that my cards from Brentandbecca are ready to ship.

But there were a few cards that I had to buy elsewhere.  The First Pitch inserts are retail only and he bust primarily hobby, so I was able to get both Cubs from another seller.  They should be here today.

The other non-Brentandbecca cards are the SP sparkle cards.  The gimmick wasn't announced ahead of time, so I couldn't have included them in my order.

Turns out the Cubs have two players with the sparkle.  Here's the one I picked up so far.

....Starlin Castro.

I picked this up on Thursday at a pretty reasonable Buy It Now price and the seller shipped it right away.  It left Las Vegas on Friday and was in my mailbox on Monday.  Nicely done USPS!

Back to the card... Sparkles, again? Really Topps?  Run out of ideas??  Please come up with something new next year.

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  1. Topps should do a 'Graffiti' parallel where close-up shots have mustaches and beards and tattoos drawn on them in Sharpie, like a cleaner version of Baseball Card Vandals. I know I drew funny faces on a few of my old baseball cards, and I've seen a few cards like that posted around on other blogs. They could even do a 'Traded' version where the player's old team name is marked out and the new team name is written above it. It would never happen, but I would like to see something along those lines.