Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Looking At the Complete Set of 2015 Topps Series One

The final part of my Brentandbecca order was the complete 350 card set of Series One.  This makes year number 47 in my run of sets, going back to 1969.

The binder has been filled and placed on the shelf.  Next year I'll have to move the Traded/Update boxes somewhere else.

This is the label I used for the binder.

Here are some random thoughts on the set, including some I already mentioned on the Cubs page:

  • The set is 20 cards bigger than its been for the past several years.  That's all good and well, but 15 of the 20 new cards are team cards.  That leaves only five extra players.  Make that three extra players, since two cards went to retired guys.  I'd rather they drop the team cards and add more players.  And while they're at it, the checklist cards can go away too.  No collector needs the checklist on the cards anymore.  Plus, the writing is so tiny it can't really be used.
  • I like the non-white border
  • I like the elimination of the foil printing
  • The design is fairly easy for making custom cards
  • Too many action shots, especially of the pitchers, show very weird looks on the player's faces.
  • I like the large card numbers on the back
  • The cardboard seems a little thinner
In a post about the set, I should show some cards.  I found some interesting things on the cards of several catchers:

This is what a catcher's card should look like: a nice view of his face, a hint of the team name peeking out of the chest protector.  I know from the picture that that is Buster Posey of the Giants.

This card is what I would expect from Panini....not a logo in sight, and barely a look at his face.  In fact, is that really James McCann or do we just have to take Topps' word?  


Some more Panini-type cards.  These guys look like they could be on the same team.

Giving a good view of a players face isn't always good enough.  Yikes, what a weird look. 


 From this angle he looks like Ham in The Sandlot. That's not a good look.

And finally, some catchers should not be shown on the basepaths.

Dionner Navarro and his double chin.  Yikes!


  1. I would say that the Navarro card is one of my favorites precisely because it's something you don't see very often.
    Usually I want to see players doing what they do best on their cards, but it's fun to have the total opposite once in a while - like David Ortiz bunting for a base hit...

  2. That Navarro card has been making the rounds on the blogosphere. What a great shot!

  3. Great call on the Mesoraco/Ham look-a-like comparison!

  4. So far, on many other blogs, no one is pointing to the obvious ...
    Does no one see this ... ???
    Many people we have shown this 2015 Topps Dioner Navarro card to feel he looks more like North Korea supreme leader Kim Jung-un !!!
    Virtually same fat, out of shape body and only a little taller ...
    Come on, we need some support in this ... Ha !!! Ha !!!