Saturday, August 20, 2016

All I've Got of Him: Kris Bryant

Saw some interesting Kris Bryant facts yesterday:

  • First player with multiple 5 hit games that included 2 homer runs
  • First player under age of 25 with 4 hit/2 home run games three times in a season
  • In the past calendar year (160 games) his average is .306 and he's hit 40 home runs

He's really good and yet he's really humble.  He was raised in the same area as Bryce Harper, and has as much talent as Harper, but his personality is 180° a good way.

My Bryant card total is already up to 66 cards.  That's a big number for a guy in his second season.  I'm sure the number will grow significantly over the next several years.  I'm figuring that he'll be in every set that Topps issues and in several inserts too.

Here's what I've got so far:


  1. Very impressive. I only see four or five I have that you don't, and only one that can't be accounted for by being brand new or a Breakdown Cards custom.

  2. He's 10 for his last 16. I don't know if he's ever been this locked in at the major league level. Sure is fun to watch!

  3. Nice KB collection! Random question but I got a Panini Father's Day KB relic card that is really extra thick. It doesn't fit my normal jersey screw or magnetic cases. Do you know what size those extra thick ones need? I believe the Strata relic ones are extra thick too. Thanks!

  4. That's a really nice looking lot! I'm a big Bryant fan (even though my fave team is the Red Sox) and the most valuable card in my entire sports card collection by far is the Bryant 2013 Bowman Chrome Refractor Auto. I'll write a post about it someday.

    The Collector