Saturday, May 1, 2021

1986 General Mills Gary Matthews

 Last summer's MSA disc binge ended up extending into all of the MSA releases, both cards and discs.  I ended up with a MSA cards checklist of 49 sets that included 59 Cubs.  I was able to get 58 of the 59 Cubs cards.  I was sooo close to completion.

I can now say happily that I am at 100% of the MSA Cubs cards.

This is the missing card.  It comes from the 1986 General Mills set that was issued only in Canada.  I'm sure that had something to do with the difficulty I had tracking it down.  One finally was listed.  I set my sniper.  I lost!  


Then, on a lark, I decided to do a little more digging and I found another one.  This one had was Buy It Now.  I bought!

Here's my update list of Cubs in the various card sets from MSA.

1986    Burger King No Cubs
1986 Dorman's Cheese Sandberg, Sutcliffe
1986 Drakes Moreland, Sandberg
1986 General Mills Matthews, Sandberg, Smith  
1986 Kellers No Cubs
1986 Meadow Gold Sandberg, Sutcliffe
1986 True Value Sandberg, Sutcliffe
1987 Burger King Sandberg
1987 Drakes Moreland, Sandberg
1987 General Mills Sandberg
1987 Kraft Davis, Sandberg
1987 M&M's Sandberg
1987 Ralston Purina Sandberg
1987 Stuart Superstars Davis, Dawson, Durham
1988 Chef Boyardee Dawson, Sandberg
1988 Drakes Dawson, Sutcliffe
1988 Nestle Dawson
1989 Cereal (Ralston Purina) Superstars   Dawson
1989 Gardners No Cubs
1989 JJ Nissen Grace
1990 All American Dawson, Sandberg
1990 Jumbo Seeds Sandberg
1990 Post Grace, Sandberg
1990 Wonder Sandberg, Walton
1991 Jimmy Dean Sandberg
1991 Jumbo Seeds Dawson
1991 Mootown Snackers Sandberg
1991 Post Grace, Sandberg
1992 Diet Pepsi Sandberg
1992 French's Sandberg
1992 Jimmy Dean Sandberg
1992 Jimmy Dean Living Legends No Cubs
1992 Jimmy Dean Rookie Stars No Cubs
1992 Jumbo Seeds No Cubs
1992 Mootown Snackers Dawson
1992 Post Sandberg
1993 Duracell Dawson, Sandberg
1993 Hostess Sandberg
1993 Jimmy Dean Sandberg
1993 Jimmy Dean Rookie Stars No Cubs
1993 Metz Bakery Dawson, Grace, Sandberg
1993 Milkbone Girardi
1993 Post Sandberg
1994 Post Grace
1994 Tombstone Grace
1995 Kraft Sosa
1995 Post No Cubs
1995 Tombstone Sosa
1996 Pizza Hut No Cubs


  1. Sandberg was not in the 1987 Stuart set, but Leon Durham was.

  2. Thanks, I do have the Durham card. I've corrected the table.